A long-lasting story . . .


R.T.E.M. Rettifica testate e motori (cylinder head resurfacing and  engine block honing) is established in Venaria Reale (Turin – Italy).
The following year, a young worker named Davide SAVIO is hired.


Davide SAVIO joins R.T.E.M. as shareholder and  takes the role of general manager. With his leadership growth  starts and R.T.E.M. is considered a reliable engine rebuilding player in the region.


Davide SAVIO takes control of 100% of R.T.E.M. .  An  international level is achieved with distributors and partners in France, Germany and Spain.
R.T.E.M. affirms its influence in the engine rebuilding business, exhibiting in the most important international fairs.   R.T.E.M. become partner of FIR (Italian Federation of Rectifiers).


The crisis affecting the automotive industry since the last few years hits R.T.E.M. as well. Business stagnation along with customer critical situations, create serious problems to R.T.E.M. .


Numbers of engine rebuilding shops keep shutting down.
Davide SAVIO understands that engine rebuilding business can survive only if integrated  to a larger organization distributing engine spare parts, cooperating with engine manufacturers and engine rebuilders. With this commitment the first steps towards FINIMPIANTI integration begin.

. . . So the story goes on!